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What People Are Saying About Isabel Stover & Design Vision

We were looking for a second home in Florida and after seeing several homes for resale, we decided on new construction. We soon realized that we were in need of a talented designer to assist us in all our design decisions. Isabel provided support, encouragement and terrific attention as we began the daunting task of beginning our new build and she continued to be enthusiastic, helpful, accommodating and thorough throughout the entire process. Her insight and careful planning was most helpful and very much appreciated. Her kindness and attention to detail made the process easy for us. We are delighted to recommend her to all of our friends!

                                                                      - Lois F.

Isabel did an amazing job on our master bedroom and second floor refresh! We love the esthetic - very clean, fresh and modern. And we especially love the vibe in our master which has a warm, hip and relaxing feel, just what we were looking for. Isabel is the real deal as she is not only a great designer with a keen sense of color, she also knows how to source the best materials at the right price. Complete icing on the cake is that she's flexible, patient and knows how to work through decision making. We will definitely be working with Isabel again, can’t wait!

                                                                      - Karen M.

Isabel is extremely patient, thoughtful, creative, and attentive to details. She actively listened to my opinions and ideas. She made suggestions based on my vision, not hers. She has an amazing eye for color. She created vision boards that were invaluable in helping me to visualize the options within a given room. She found furniture and decorative pieces that I loved and never would have considered but worked so well in the house. Her skills as an architect complimented her great design eye as she was able to quite accurately determine the best size of furniture pieces to buy, and how to lay them out. She enabled me to realize the beautiful home that I had dreamed of! I could not have done this home construction and design project without someone like Isabel. I would collaborate with her again, without any hesitation.


                                                                         - Deb P.

When we first hired Isabel we were not sure we wanted to stay in our house for much longer because there were so many things we didn't like about it. Isabel was amazing to work with. She understood my style and vision even when I could not articulate it, and she transformed our space into something better than we could've imagined! Isabel transformed the look of our fireplace, designed a new living room, and refreshed our kitchen with a new hood, new tile backsplash, a few extra cabinets, a new table, chairs and stools. Also, she helped us purchase a new rug and furniture for the master bedroom.  At the end of the project I told Isabel, "We have decided to stay in our home because we love it so much!" 

                                                                        - Jess G.

My husband and I were looking for someone to help us with a big move out of our family home into a smaller home closer to Boston. It was a stressful move, after having lived in our home for over 20 years. Isabel had been recommended by a friend of a friend and so we hired her immediately. We weren’t quite ready to give up some of our existing furniture, and Isabel listened carefully to our desire to utilize some of these pieces and somehow fit them into our much smaller apartment along with her new selections. The result was a a fun, contemporary pied a terre which still featured several of our most memorable artworks and antiques but with just the right blend of modern elements which fit perfectly into our new, urban lifestyle.


                                                                        - Tracy B.

We bought a 4800 square foot, 2 family home built in 1911 which needed complete renovations. We wanted to respect the historic aspects of the home but also have modern, clean spaces to showcase our art collection. We engaged Isabel to help us pull our vision together as the chief designer, along with an architect. The project consisted of a complete gut renovation to the studs, adding a master suite to the available space and adding 200 square feet for an office. Throughout the process, Isabel listened to our needs and helped us create a functional, elegant, and modern home which we absolutely love to pieces!

                                                                          - Shelly L.

I worked with Isabel on two separate home projects and both were very positive experiences. The latter project was a new home construction design project in Florida that lasted 18 months. She was involved with all aspects of the home finishing selections including flooring, wall tile, counter surfaces, plumbing hardware, cabinetry, light fixtures, and paint colors. Because of her input and advice, the home came out beautifully! Additionally, she was instrumental with the selection of every piece of furniture, and all decorative pieces, including area rugs, and lighting for the entire home. Every aspect of the décor coordinated and looked amazing!

                                                                         - Deborah P.

We have worked with Isabel on three separate projects and I can’t say enough about her keen eye and design sensibility. From paint color to furniture and accessories and fabrics, Isabel has the ability to transform spaces — both large and small — in ways that keep her clients front and center. She is easy to work with, resourceful, flexible, and above all, creative. Isabel is everything you would want in a designer!

                                                                         - Felecia B.

Isabel helped us decorate our bedrooms and dining room, finding unique, interesting pieces to complement our collection of paintings. Along with utilizing our favorite existing furniture, she also chose items that matched our taste and budget, creating a cohesive look throughout the house. My husband and I have such a tough time agreeing on anything, but Isabel has a 6th sense for picking just the right items which we both fell in love with immediately!

                                                                       - Michelle L.

Our new kitchen layout couldn’t be better suited to our busy family life with two small children.  Isabel took what was basically an empty space and created several different zones with an easy flow of traffic that makes sense.  Our kitchen is now the most popular room in the house!


                                                                        -T. Gorham

Isabel helped us achieve our dream of converting a non-accessible second story into our master bedroom/bathroom suite.  We even got a huge master closet by extending into the under-utilized attic crawl space.  Now we can finally really live in our whole house instead of having a whole lot of wasted space above!


                                                                       -D. Violante

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