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Sit back, relax and let me bring your vision of home to life.

Boston, MA based Interior Designer Isabel Stover

Although you may not know it, you have your own artistic expression. It's in there, I swear! My aim is to unearth it, to refine it and to celebrate it so that your home embodies the greatest reflection of you possible.


I believe that every design project is a puzzle which needs solving. Whether it is coming up with the perfect reconciliation of functional needs and physical limitations in your home or introducing just the right combination of stunningly beautiful elements to honor your unique story and personality.


My Experience

Since graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a master’s in architecture in 1996 I have worked in just about every area in the design field. This extensive experience provides me a rich and diverse perspective which I bring to every project, as well as a commitment to finding the best products on the market. After founding Design Vision in 2001, I have provided clients architectural, kitchen and lighting design services as well as full service interior design from concept to installation and everything in between.

I am well versed in the art of arrangement – using my artistic sense to combine, contrast and enjoy in all areas of life. Growing up abroad and traveling considerably has allowed me to draw on a multitude of cultural and historic sources as inspiration. Using tools honed through a lifelong passion for learning and evolving I bring an eclectic eye to my work along with a skilled hand and clever use of materials.


My Process

Through practical sensibility and artistic imagination, I create interiors which offer usefulness and functionality, as well as enduring aesthetic appeal. My foundation in architecture provides the fundamental tools for expert space-planning and furniture placement. This also allows me to look at existing floor plans and identify lifestyle issues which need to be adjusted.


I always look to find innovative and creative solutions to my clients’ needs by keeping an eye on the minutia as well as the bigger picture. I will take time getting to know you so that I can prioritize your wants and needs and together we will determine a master plan for execution.


Creating a design is like coming up with the perfect ingredients for a recipe. With discerning taste and an eye for detail, I incorporate decoration and whimsy into my designs and will often blend different styles and unexpected items in juxtaposition with more unified elements. I believe good design isn’t just for the eyes; it is for all the senses.


Why Choose Me?

I believe that good taste is creating beauty without throwing money at it. I will work with you on your level, within your budget and with your pride of place as my ultimate goal. I view my role as a collaborator, catalyst, and minister for change. I always learn something from my clients and will do whatever it takes to get the job done to your utmost satisfaction. If you work with me, my hope is that when we are finished your heart and soul will feel more at home than ever before. I am truly honored to be entrusted with the opportunity to bring beauty, order and improvement into your life.

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